Service Times & Directions:

Good Shepherd Church:

13110 Moss Road, Charlotte, NC 28273

Service Times:
Sundays @ 8:30am, 10:00am, & 11:30 am

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Service in Spanish @ 11:30am

     in the brand new Living Room at the Moss Campus. 
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Zoar Campus

13611 Zoar Road, Charlotte, NC 28278

Service Times:
Sundays @ 10:00am & 11:30am

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Recent Media

Thunderstruck SERIES Thunderstruck

Week 1 of ThanksLiving with Talbot Davis.

The Power of One SERIES The Power of One

A special message entitled "The Power of One" by our Family and…

Murder, Incorporated SERIES Murder, Incorporated

Week 5 of Bouncebackers with Talbot Davis.

Shame Off You SERIES Shame Off You

Week 4 of Bouncebackers with Talbot Davis.




The Power of One

The Power of One


A series for those who need to know that down does not have to mean out.

Where Apples Fall

"Well that apple sure didn't fall far from the tree!"

Where Apples Fall. A series for parents and anyone who has ever had them.

Hell or High Water

Hell Or High Water. A series that will start out on fire but end up in the refreshing waters of baptism.

Delay Tactics

A stand alone message on the power of prayer by Ron Dozier.

Unhappy Campers

Many of us have heard the story of Moses splitting the Red Sea. But do you know what happened next?

The answer:

Unhappy Campers


We believe that there is beauty and impact hidden deep within all of us, longing to be unleashed on a needy World.

Love Handles

Some of us have them.
Some of us hold them.
Some of us want to get rid of them.

They're Love Handles.

Do you have a handle on love?

Finished Business

While hanging on the cross and in the throes of death, Jesus called out: "It is finished."

But just what got "finished" in that moment?

Night of Worship

The Harder the Struggle the Louder Our Praise!

The Path of Most Resistance

Those difficult challenges are the ones that make us and mature us. The greater the resistance, the stronger the result.

Creatures of Habit

Our days often amount to the sum total of our habits. But how can we find meaning in those habits?

God Drops

An entirely different way of looking at Christmas, 2016.

Value of a Soul

How much is a soul worth?

Yours? Mine? The one belonging to the person you don’t know and likely will never meet?

What is the ultimate

Nooks & Crannies

What if we've been looking in all the wrong places for making out households thrive? What if all along, we need to be focusing on the daily

God Save Our City

Special Message from Talbot Davis and Ron Dozier.

Mission Possible

Special Student Takeover Sermon.

Wake Up Call

One of Good Shepherd's core values is that we as a church are awake to the Holy Spirit.

But are we?

Crash Test Dummies

Why do they keep doing the same dumb thing over and over again? Why do we?


Preventology. Another made-up word. But a series that’s all-too real.

The Light at the Beginning of the Tunnel


Jaw Droppers


3 Weeks of Love


Night of Worship

What would happen if you got a room full of all the hand raisers from 8:30, 10 and 11:30?


PrayFast. Something tells us the world needs it now more than ever.



Only Human


Mad People Disease




On the Up & Up








Every Life Counts

Every Life Counts. Including yours.



Baby Invasion

People do the strangest things when a baby shows up.

Hidden Heroes

A quest to find the hero dwelling within

Love Song

A series where we’ll make love sing.


Trending. It’s not just for cyberspace. It’s for your inner soul.

Lost & Found

When you lose what really matters in life can you ever find it again?

Head Scratchers

Jesus said what?

Wash Me!

If cars can say it, why can’t people?

Food for Thought

As food is in life, so food is with God.

The Shadow of a Doubt

Doubts. What do we do with them? Hide behind their shadow or bring them into the light?

Defining Moments

We hope to help steer you through your defining moments AND raise your awareness about the defining moments of others.

Wildest Dreams

Join us for a ride into REM sleep this Christmas.

Not A Fan

Where spectators suit up


Revealing the Inner Body of Christ

Home Based

Faith starts at home

The Storm Before the Calm

Yes, you read that right.

Turn it Up

Turning it up on God's big story

Old School

Teaching the old through the new.

Man on the Run

How Jonah's race is the same one you're running.

Journey of Stones

Drawing on the bible's rich imagery of stones

Moment of Truth

Can you be trusted?

Constant Contact

Plugging into the presence of God


Renovate & Restore

Come To Life

Come to Life

Christmas on Memory Lane

Christmas on Memory Lane

Venga La Vida

All people means...ALL PEOPLE


Hear it. Live it. Share it.


The High Calling of Low Living

Church State Christian Government GSUMC DNC

Church State Christian Government GSUMC DNC

Money Talks

What does it say about us?


Some things in life and faith can always be better.

Royal Pains

A series that uncovers the little monarch residing in each of us.


Honor begins at home