Service Times & Directions:

Good Shepherd Church:

13110 Moss Road, Charlotte, NC 28273

Service Times:
Sundays @ 8:30am, 10:00am, & 11:30 am

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Service in Spanish @ 11:30am

     in the brand new Living Room at the Moss Campus. 
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Zoar Campus

13611 Zoar Road, Charlotte, NC 28278

Service Times:
Sundays @ 10:00am & 11:30am

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We upgrade our phones, our computers, our cars, our homes, and even our memories.
But what if all those upgrades are merely shadows of the real upgrade?

The kind of upgrade that warms our worship, focuses our faith, and matures our minds. That kind of upgrade is embedded in the book of Hebrews... one of the most challenging, perplexing and yet ultimately rewarding books in the New Testament.
We’re going to dig deep because we believe that when we do, we’ll never be the same.

The Forever Upgrade SERIES The Forever Upgrade

July 29, 2012
With Talbot Davis

The Blood Upgrade SERIES The Blood Upgrade

July 22, 2012
With Talbot Davis

The Confidence Upgrade SERIES The Confidence Upgrade

July 15, 2012
With Steve Johnson

The Moses Upgrade SERIES The Moses Upgrade

July 8, 2012
With Sammy Gonzalez

The Angel Upgrade SERIES The Angel Upgrade

July 1, 2012
With Talbot Davis

The Total Upgrade SERIES The Total Upgrade

June 24, 2012
With Talbot Davis